“Competition is a problem, sales is a resloution; both enables the economy” 

“:The Sales Consultant” is a platform of seasoned saleswomen; they teamed-up with an unique idea of helping organizations to identify, assess and hire “right” sales professional.

We were instrumental in helping organizations to captivate larger market shares (up to 60%), by assessing applicant sales professionals on unconventional parameters.

Our clients are product based organisation(OEM) from diverse industries, 80% of our clients are $1Bn+ organizations.

When competition is challenging, it’s better to assess competent sales professionals first; with the aid of our  insights one can quickly identify and hire the most relevant sales professional.

Our team defines the benchmark of competent sales professionals, we fine tune our search to meet your business needs.

With aid of our “Research Backed Sales Hiring” services, we make an organization agile and sales strong!

– “Hire Best, Sell Better”.

Inquire, Associate, Grow Sales !!!

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