“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.

 Margaret Thatcher

:TSC PLATFORM – An all woman organization

:TSC is women’s organization, It’s a league of Women professionals from diverse industries with sales and business experies, with an intent to help “corporate world” with Sales Research, Sales Hiring, Employer Branding and HR Consulting.

There are various career opportunities with :TSC –

Any woman Professionals who is interested into HR, Can apply .

1 – “CORPORATE HR” ASPIRANTS (for freshers/graduates/diploma in HR)


3 – WORK FROM HOME(for career discontinued woman)

4 – CALL CENTER PROFESSIONALS(next leap in your career)


1 – “CORPORATE HR” ASPIRANTS (for freshers /graduates/diploma in HR):

While working with us, you can shape up your career as CORPORATE HR, meet alumni of :TSC who are proven to be a successful Sales Hiring HR Professionals with Multi Billion Dollar MNCs

Freshers with aspiration to become Corporate HR in reputed Organizations can join us

Ideally entry into Corporate HR starts with campus hiring, however if you missed the chance, then pursue your dream by getting trained with :TSC

Just work little harder to learn the ar of hiring and research with us and get eligible to join back Corporate world.

We have an effective curriculum to inculcate skills of business hiring, we expose you to live projects; we put you to extensive on Job trainings, this give you’re a fair understanding of business hiring and makes you eligible to bid for Coporate HR roles.

There is a immense shortage of Sales and business Hiring HRs in India, statistics says there are hardly 3-4 corporate recruiters with understnding of business hiring.

:TSC platform gives you “B2B Sales Hiring Exposure” that puts your career on fast track. Our work force successfully joined leading Global MNCs and are working there as a Corporate HR

2 – WOMANS WITH SALES EXPERIENCE (No more field visits):

We hire Sales womans who discontinued their Sales career due to extreme pressured environment, Often Sales women are unable to bear the field Sales job, that requires long hours of hard work, with :TSC you can use your past sales experience to benefit your corporate clients, you can utilize your sales experience to interview Sales Professionals for our clients.

Get rid of field jobs and stretched working hours, be the expert into Sales Hiring, and be a part of HR with large corporates, isn’t it value-add to your sales career


Must have some kind of sales background, Customer Interfacing exposure, be it direct/indirect sales, Field sales, Retail sales or tele marketing.


3 – WORK FROM HOME(for Career discontinued woman):

Research studies states that, in India post 30’s most of the women professionals discontinue their professional career due to kid’s responsibilities, pressurized corporate jobs, un-equality at work place. :TSC’s “Work from Home” opportunity is for womans who stepped into Motherhood or have parental care responsibilities and are unable to continue their career, such professionals can easily associate with us under flexi-Hours/Split Hour working schedules.

You get Complete joining / exit formalities, Relieving letters, Experience and certification, such that in future you can resume to corporate world without break. Continuous training is provided as per the industry trends, which keeps you updated.

Proper handholding and mentorship is provided to help to achieve Work-Life balance, with Rewards, Recognition and financial earnings.


Fluent in verbal communication, interpersonal skills, confident, Energetic

Should have worked in any professional roles viz. operations, Sales, marketing or any client facing roles

4 – CALL CENTER PROFESSIONALS(next leap in your career)

Call Center/Contact Centers gives you instant gratification of good pay packages and perks; however down the line you shall be clear with your real interest, if for long time you were unable to take huge promotions or if its taking toll on our health, then think of secondary option that utilizes your past experience.

We welcome Contact Center professionals who wants to utilize their Communicaton and customer interaction skills into HR domain

We provide you extensive training on HR Domain, thus it gives you opportunity to join as a corporate HR; Your interaction skills are valuable to the corporate world.

How your communication skills can benefit Corporate HR World ?

Corporate faces extreme challenges in attracting and engaging with potential candidates, this is the industry gap where your interaction skills can help organizations to connect and hire talented professionals from market. However this surely needs extensive training on HR domain.


Should have worked in customer interactions

Should have worked in process centric call center

Keen interest to pursue career into HR Domain.

for more queries feel free to reach us at: career@tscIN.com, Mobile: +91 99309 88581

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