“We cater to B2B Segment “product based” global organizations “

:TSC thoughtfully works with limited clients from B2B segment

90% of our clients have more than 1 Bn dollar as their revenue

40% of our clients fall in fortune 1000 category.

30% of our client falls in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

80% of our clients are at No. 1 and 2 positions among their competition companies

Our clients are primarily the Products and Solution based organizations

They are from following streams:

OEMs | High Value Product based organizations

CONSULTING | Technology, Management consulting companies

PARTNER | Prominent partners to large OEMs


Our Sales Intelligence and Sales Hiring services are best suited for companies where dependency on each sales individual is very high. For an example in “high value” products organizations of B2B segment mostly sales happens at CxO levels, hence dependency on sales professional is high, here you cannot push products via marketing or other channels.




Inquire, Associate, Grow Sales !!!

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