:TSC’s sales intelligence gives you deeper insight on the sales dynamics of industry and competitors.

Often Sales intelligence is misunderstood as market intelligence or customer intelligence, however there is a great difference, a market intelligence or competitive intelligence gives you a broader view of industries and companies, it has little or no insight on their internal departments, their functioning and their success rate.

We found that most of the companies doesn’t have any mechanism to compare their sales department with respective sales department of the similar space companies.

We engage in continuous dialogue with sales fraternity to gain broader understanding on sales trends, we conduct customised surveys based on our client’s need pivotal to their product offerings, such sales intelligence helps them to improve their sales strategies so as to gain  market share in much better way.

A customised sales intelligence report can be used across various aspects of your business:

1 – You can re-calibrate the systems and processes of sales department to meet “head-on” with competition.

2 – Sales Intelligence helps HR professionals to hire effective sales professionals from relevant competition companies.

3 – Sales Intelligence helps your in-house marketing and training functions to understand the approach of competition companies



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