“Social networking sites and job portals are one sided broadcasting services, there is no mechanism to learn candidates’ point of view towards your role and brand”


While generating sales intelligence we simultaneously cover up all business roles viz. sales, presales, marketing, alliance, partner, channel distributors etc, so that we are action ready to fill your next role quickly.


While closely working with our clients for hiring sales professionals, we first generate detailed sales intelligence around your products and offerings, we identify companies that are in head-on competition with you and with the help of sales intelligence mechanism we identify the top 20% sales professionals from targeted landscape.


Our sales consultants have a practical on field sales experience, this enables them to interview and assess the incumbent sales professionals to the core.

:TSC doesn’t judge a sales candidate based on her/his performance numbers alone, however we also consider the value system of his present organization, the offering types, the deal size, sales cycle, such parameters are crucial to the success of a sales professional.

A successful sales person will be ethical with integrity and will be empathetic towards their prospects, clients, peers and their own family as well. Any one missing on these attributes can never be successful sales professional.


At the end of each search we provide you a Search Execution Report, that shares the detailed comments of each and every suitable candidates approached for your role, this helps you to learn about the positive or negative response of market. SER helps organizations to re-calibrate their search and to enhance their image and influence on potential candidates.

“The topper of a football league cannot win the Tennis match – indeed both plays with ball only”

“Reference check is most effective tool, only if the referee has the same sales leadership style like yours”


:TSC |Sales Hiring Stages


PREHIRING STAGE – Based on Sales Intelligence generated, we devise a strategy to understand the top 20% sales performers from relevant markets.

HIRING STAGE – Every role is thoughtfully proposed to the identified Sales professionals, we use marketing approach and promote each role with solution selling and job counsellors approach, idea here is to educate the incumbent on various aspects that are relevant to to his career mission.

POST HIRING STAGE – Collecting the feedback from our clients on the professionals hired in their teams, this helps us to understand the gaps in hiring criterion, this surely helps the organisations to exact their future sales hiring.

“Our hiring is completely based on Sales Intelligence”

:Hidden facts that leads you to ineffective and prolonged sales hiring

1 – You might be a great brand for your customers and investors, that doesn’t means you are perceived as a great employer too.

2 – Competent people join an organisation only if they feel their skills would be rewarded well

3 – Positioning of sales role is critical to your business growth; since here you sell to a person who sells to world.

4 – Deciding the right strategy and channels to reach relevant audiences and not entire market of misfit professionals

5 – Social media hiring, uselessly publicises your role to entire world, thus alarming the competitors and also it floods you with hundreds of job applications and referrals.

“In competitive markets the most competent candidate is resistant to job change”

Inquire, Associate, Grow Sales !!!

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